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I always have something new I’ve dreamed up in my head, and I don’t want you to miss out on it! For that reason, I would love to have you subscribe to my blog! One thing I know is that my wheels are always turning! Creative ideas are pretty much a fire hose in my head, DAILY! I have been adding them to my blog for the past few months. At least 3-4 times a month there will be new blog posts up, posts you don’t want to miss!

My name is Amber, if you are new here! I am a chronic creative! I am a painter, DIY’er, and lover of all things crafty and pretty! (not much for the sparkles but I do like to mess around with it occasionally) I am a DIY blogger, I love Facebook LIVE DIY’s and I have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL TOO! Yeah, I am all over the internet! (at the bottom you can leave me a comment and tell me a little about you too)

In fact, you can check out my past blog posts right here! 

I also have a super popular post that showcases my list of supplies every crafter should have in their craft stash! Read it here!

It is never a dull moment around my neck of the woods, I am either here on the blog, on my facebook page LIVE, posting to stories on Instagram , YOUTUBE or hanging out over on Pinterest! (Pinterest is life y’all haha) I love sharing my ideas and hanging out with my “internet friends”! But sometimes we look for the resources that connect us to the ideas and creations! This blog is just that!

So, I figured why not give y’all some freebies for subscribing to my blog! It is just my way of saying thank you and that you are awesome!

You will get this printable in PDF format.

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Now that you snagged those free printables and you are subscribed to my blog, let me tell you about some other stuff you might totally love!

First of all, I have a free facebook group called On a Budget Crafts, you can join absolutely free and show off your creations! I don’t craft in there but it is a group full of talented people sharing their creations and I show off my stuff too. Join On a Budget Crafts Facebook Group!

I also have a paid membership called the Creative Haven VIP it is absolutely amazing and we are having the best time in there! It is a secret paid group I created. Only members have access to what happens in there. You should totally consider joining us. And it is affordable too! You can learn more right here on the Creative Haven VIP page.

See there are options for everyone! But I truly love inspiring people with what God has blessed me with. I am beyond excited that you want to follow along and connect with me. I truly am honored! Like you have no idea! My heart bursts with joy!

I am so excited to have you subscribe to my blog! Remember, be sure to go check your email right now! Confirm your email and you will be all set!

Until next time, Be blessed and I will see you on the next blog post friends! STAY CREATIVE!

XOXO Amber!

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