New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

Okay, if you’re new here, you need to know that I make a lot of DIY home decor using Dollar Tree items. They’re so affordable, it only makes sense to repurpose $1 into amazing home decor! Well, I just HAD to share with you these new Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds!

These items will be amazing for any DIY’er trying to get ready for the cooler weather and leaves to start falling!

You can go to your local Dollar Tree and see if they have these items in stock, or you can just order them online and have them sent right to your house!

Each title and image in this post is linked to Dollar Tree’s website so you can shop their new Fall selections from your phone, tablet, or computer!

Harvest Truck Wall Signs with Glitter Accents, 11.5×11.125 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

Don’t be thrown off by the word “glitter” in the name of these adorable Dollar Tree fall signs! You can always sand off as much glitter as possible and paint over it!

I love these unique holiday signs to use as surfaces in my Fall DIY decor projects! Flip them over, and you have a blank canvas!

Wooden Harvest Welcome Signs, 10.5×11.5 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

These wooden harvest Dollar Tree fall signs are PERFECT for any DIY’ers craft stash because they can be used YEAR ROUND!

Just like with the adorable trucks before, you can flip them over and you have a neutral blank canvas to work with!

Decorative Autumn Sentiments Signs, 11×11 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes Dollar Tree fall decor can actually be cute just the way it is, but there is nothing wrong with repurposing their decor items.

These square fall signs are perfect for a DIY’er because you can use them year-round and customize them for any decor style or time of year!

Pumpkin-Shaped Harvest Wall Signs, 13.25×9.5-in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

These Dollar Tree pumpkin-shaped signs are a little less versatile when it comes to DIY decor, but they are perfect for Fall!

I’m already imagining some adorable DIY projects I can do using these new Dollar Tree fall decor pumpkin-shaped signs!

Harvest Inspired Scarecrow Stakes, 28×16-in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

I’m not sure how I’m going to use these scarecrow stakes just yet, but I’m sure I can come up with something absolutely adorable!

Even if I don’t use these in a DIY project, they are adorable to use in your home decor this Fall! Maybe put them in the garden by your front porch!

Harvest Metal Corn Stakes, 24 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

You can’t have Fall decor without corn. It’s like an unspoken rule! I am so excited about these metal corn stakes in the new Dollar Tree fall decor selections!

I can just see the perfect faux rust finish on these to go with some amazing DIY farmhouse decor!

Decorative Hanging Pumpkins with Raffia and Metal Leaves, 12×12 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

You can’t go wrong with a good pumpkin-shaped sign. I really mean it! You can customize a pumpkin-shaped sign to fit any style of Fall home decor!

And for a dollar, you really can’t beat it! Make sure to get you a few of these pumpkin-shaped signs the next time you make a visit to your local Dollar Tree!

Decorative Harvest Mason Jar Shaped Wall Signs, 13.5×8.5-in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

I am seriously OVER THE MOON excited about these mason jar Fall signs! Honestly, I like the Always BE thankful print, but these signs are great for customizing and your own DIY ideas!

Harvest Leaves LED Lights, 3-ft. Strands

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

Have you ever seen something as adorable as these Dollar Tree Fall LED lights??? I mean, seriously! These are so cute, I CANNOT wait to use them!

Plaid Pumpkins, 4.75×4.75×2.75 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

Okay. They can’t be serious with these. Buffalo check AND pumpkins AND mini!?!? These are TOO STINKING CUTE!!

RUN, don’t walk, to your closest Dollar Tree to snatch these up before they’re all gone! I just KNOW these aren’t going to last very long on the shelves!

Rustic Truck and Tractor Garden Stakes, 18.5×8.75 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

Y’all. LOOK AT THAT TRACTOR! My creative DIY gears are turning FULL speed in my head right now!

I can’t wait to use these metal tractor/truck stakes to make some adorable DIY Fall home decor!

Harvest Themed Colored Lights, 3 ft. Strands

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

These are some more Fall LED lights that I’m sure can be used to make some super cute Fall DIY home decor this year!

Even if you don’t make something out of these, you can hang them up to decorate a classroom or desk!

Ceramic Harvest Eyelet Pumpkins, 3.5×3.5 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

These little eyelet pumpkins are perfect for filling shelf space and adding a bit of spice to your home decor this Fall!

I mean, you don’t even have to do anything to do these adorable little pumpkins to use them in your home decor!

Modern Velvet Pumpkins, 4x4x4.5 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

I’m not sure that I’ll use these velvet pumpkins in my own home decor, but they are too adorable not to share!

Just because they don’t really match my decor style doesn’t mean they aren’t absolutely adorable!

Metal Vintage Truck Hanging Decor, 9.87×13 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

You know what metal means, right? I can just see the faux rust finish on the bumpers of these Dollar Tree vintage metal signs!

You can use these metal trucks for Fall decor, but you can also use them for Christmas or every day with just a little bit of paint!

Porcelain Harvest Inspired Fox Figurines, 2.875×2.625×4.125-in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

How cute is this little fox?? I wouldn’t do anything to this Dollar Tree fox figurine, but it would be a great way to add to your decor!

Vertical Hanging Harvest Pumpkin Signs, 23.5×5.5-in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

These Dollar Tree hanging harvest pumpkin signs are amazing! I love the vertical planks SO MUCH! If I’m being honest, I’m not a fan of the designs on these.

But that’s nothing that can’t be fixed! I’m sure I’ll use these in my DIY projects this year!

Pumpkin Garden Stakes, 8.75×0.25×23.75 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

These Dollar Tree pumpkin garden stakes are so great and would be amazing in a centerpiece, wouldn’t they??

I already have a few ideas of how I’m going to repurpose these new Dollar Tree fall decor stakes to create something amazing!

Metal Pumpkin Cart Hanging Decor, 10.87×11.5 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

OH MY GOSH! These are SO STINKING CUTE! I literally can’t handle this right now! I am going to have to stop myself from buying ALL of these from my local Dollar Tree!

Seriously, I might just order a case from Dollar Tree online!

Harvest Themed Rectangular Table Covers, 54×108-in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

I’ve used tablecloths to make some amazing DIY home decor, and with these adorable Dollar Tree fall tablecloths, I’m not going to stop any time soon!

These seem to have the pattern mainly on the edges, but you can use the other parts of the tablecloths to make bows or whatever you can think up!

Crackling Finished Dolomite Pumpkins, 3.75×3.625 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

There’s just something irresistible about mini pumpkins. Or is that just me? Either way, you can use these adorable little pumpkins to add to your Fall home decor!

If they don’t match the colors you’re going for, you can always paint them!

Crimped Metal Pumpkin Garden Stakes, 8.75×23.75 in.

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

Look at that crimped metal! These might be my favorite things that I’ve seen in the new Dollar Tree Fall decor!

I am so excited to make something with these!!

Faux Rectangular Mini Hay Bales, 8-ct. Packs

New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

I have a feeling these min faux hay bales are going to be a HIT and hard for Dollar Tree to keep in stock. If you see them, you better go ahead and scoop them up ASAP!

Go to your Dollar Tree, NOW!

I hope you enjoyed these new Dollar Tree 2021 Fall finds as much as I did and decide to use them yourself! If you do, I would love to see how your project turns out!

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New Dollar Tree 2021 Fall Finds

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  1. Thank you Amber, I can just see some cool stuff with these. And even some as they are.
    So so Adorable . Hope I can find them. In my stores.
    Again Thank you.

  2. Oh my. I am so excited for those items. Fall is my favorite season
    Thank you for taking time and put this email together



  3. Thank you Amber for putting together the list of new Fall items! You are the best! What a great idea! I see a few items that I will need to pick up when I go to Dollar tree! The list makes it easier!
    Thanks again,
    DeeDee Bates

  4. This stuff is so adorable! I hope my Dollar Tree at least gets some of it. I have to admit I’m not a big pumpkin fan, but that longer shape could be a pear and the velvet ones are perfect as garlic bulbs. Thanks for sharing!! ❤️

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas of how to use these items!!! You are inspirational for sure!!! I’m learning to see things just a little bit differently after reading some of your ideas!!! You are awesome!

  6. thanks a bunch for sharing with us. I got the fox and hay bales while we were on vacation recently. Can’t wait to check the rest of items out