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In case you want to know all the small beginnings keep reading! I am a Christian! A wife and mom to 3 sons and a grandmother!! (True Story) I live in the small town of Rincon, GA just outside of Savannah, GA. I am a former Booth Biz owner and Brick and Mortar store owner!

Now I work from my warehouse with my amazing team manufacturing laser wood cut outs and teaching creatives how to paint and DIY! I am a DIY blogger and Influencer! What can I say, I am a dream chaser! (Read More about Amber)



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Hey, y’all! I am Amber, and I am SO glad you have dropped by my blog! The Maker’s Map – DIY with Amber Strong is a blog designed to bring you everything from crafting, DIY’s, decorating on a budget, interior design, and all things home-related with a personal touch from me. I LOVE to inspire and encourage others to think outside the box and live their best lives!

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