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Bumble Bee Door Hanger Template


I recently decided to update my front door for summer. I created a Bumble Bee Door Hanger Template and used foam board from Dollar Tree to cut it out. So, I thought I should make a template for everyone to use and print out. I initially hand drew the outline, then cut it out and traced it onto printer paper. I took a photo and uploaded them so that you can use this template too.

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I love sharing printable’s and templates with my readers and followers on social media. In fact, if you do make this Bumble Bee Door Hanger, I would love to see what you did. You can share your photos in my free Facebook group ON A BUDGET CRAFTS! Please share and pin this blog post, and leave me a comment below to let me know what you think of this cheap but adorable spring DIY door hanger project. Subscribe to my newsletter here!

Bumble Bee Door Hanger Printable Template


Bumble Bee Door Hanger Printable Template

Watch how I made this one on my Facebook Live! Using a Foam board and pipe cleaners from the Dollar Tree and craft paint. Video Here! Because I did use foam board, I do not recommend that you put this Bumble Bee Door Hanger outside directly in the weather. You may want to only use on a covered porch.

Bumble Bee Door Hanger Printable Template

This time of year we are focusing on Fall Decor, and I do think this Bumble Bee Door Hanger Template would be super cute to add to a fall wreath. I think it would be so cute year-round, too. You can make your own Door Hanger using this Free Template. Again, It is just my way of saying thank you to all my blog readers, my Facebook, and my Youtube Friends!

Bumble Bee Door Hanger Printable Template

*You are able to use these for personal use. NO, you are not able to alter or use these to create and sell. These are my designs.

I also suggest that you get this slice tool to cut your foam board or cardboard it is pretty amazing!

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Alright, Ready! These are PDF files! You can open them up on your pc and print (they are standard 8.5 X 11 size). There are 2 pages to download and print.


I have a few more printable’s you can snag if you want those as well! Just click the photos to go directly to those posts. 

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Grab my other free printable here. I love to create my own printable things too. I hope you come back often to check out what is new on my blog.

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Bumble Bee Door Hanger Printable Template

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  1. Thank you so much Amber for sharing the bee pattern!! Seriously thinking of doing my kitchen in bees for the rest of this year at least. It’s been the same for at least 10 yrs if not more. Ready for a lighter color, some interesting items and I do believe I’m loving the bees this year. The FREE is what caught my eye and seldom do I go for them, never seem to really catch my eye. I now have 3 very special items that you crafter sites have shared and I dearly love. All bee related. Last night it was a Bee Hive for my tier tray, another idea I got right away. Thanks to all the great crafters online, but this bee will take the place of a very special bunny that has hung over my basement steps in my kitchen for at least 20 yrs. Hopefully I will find her a good home!!
    Really appreciate all you do, special Angel Hugs being sent to you today. Linda

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been decorating my dining room in a bee theme and your bee will add a nice touch!!