DIY Fall Resin Tray

DIY Fall Resin Tray

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Using Resin is something I have always wanted to try, and this month in the Creative Haven we are doing a DIY Fall Resin Tray! Last month was Creative Haven Member inspired, but this month I went to the suggestion box and started picking things that the members have said they want to see us do. Resin projects were listed several times. I hope you enjoy this week’s DIY in the Creative Haven.  I love including the Creative Haven Members in our DIY adventures.

This week’s Creative Haven Project is this DIY Fall Resin Tray

This post may one day be public, but just in case it never does go public, and you want to get in on this creation and make it with me and my creative haven friends, you can get the full how-to tutorial and experience of the DIY Fall Resin Tray right inside the Creative Haven!

DIY Fall Resin Tray

Did you know, You can access a full DIY video inside the Creative Haven VIP community! It is a private crafting, DIY and creative community filled with hundreds of other creatives! Plus, in the Creative Haven you gain access to the supply list in advance, a full schedule, monthly celebrity crafters, vip experience where you can ask your questions and a safe community to hang out, chat, show off your creations and have fun! You can Join us inside the Creative Haven VIP here! 


Alright let’s have a look at the supplies that we will need!

September 7th 2020 Supply List for DIY Fall Resin Tray

You will need: (items shown in photo or any substitution you prefer) Don’t forget, you are not required to use the exact items!

  1. Dollar Tree Sign or something similar – I am using a sign but the inside of it. (mine is a box sign)
  2. Dollar Tree Nautical Rope
  3. Dollar Tree Pumpkin holder or pumpkin shape one larger one smaller
  4. I am using wood pumpkin stickers I got from Hobby Lobby
  5. You will need White and Brown Paint (you can use any brand you like. I prefer Apple Barrel or Craft Smart)
  6. Dollar Tree Glitter
  7. A leaf or some sort of added layer can be fabric or paper
  8. Resin- This is the exact one I am using
  9. Torch to remove bubbles (not required but helpful) and Fuel 
  10. Paint Brushes such as these (by the way this pack is cheap) or use ones from Dollar Tree
  11. You may also need extra mixing cups, gloves, and sticks to stir

Please substitute where you can! If it is not in your budget to purchase supplies, please get creative and think outside the box! Ask yourself, “What else could I use?” Furthermore, do you have things at home you can use? You can still craft with us! BUYING SUPPLIES FOR THE CRAFTS in the Creative Haven is NOT a requirement. I simply want you to craft with us, and make it your own.

Use your creative imagination to make this your own!

All items suggested are simply that, a suggestion. If you can not use the items selected, please substitute where you can!

(Items linked are affiliate links. If a purchase is made through one of my links I may earn a small commission but that does not cost you any extra.)

Come Chat, Craft and DIY with us inside the Private Creative Haven VIP Community! You can cancel anytime!

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  1. Hi Amber looking foward to learning and crafting with you.. I figured out why I like you so much we are alot alike what I can see our attitudes are like twins lol. Take care ❤