DIY Project Fall Contest Finalists

The Winners of the DIY Fall Project Contest Are:

#1 – Robin MacGregor

You won a Craft Supply Mystery Box

#2 – Michelle Minor

You won a $25 Dollar Tree Gift Card

#3 – Kristi PettyJohn

You won a mystery bundle of napkins

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Thank you to everyone who participated in this fun fall contest. Be on the lookout for more contests and giftings in the future. This was a lot of fun and there were so many entries and I hope that in some way one of them inspired you to get creative.

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Congratulations to our finalists!


If you would like to see all the submissions on the original post you can see them in the comments on THIS FACEBOOK POST!

Leave a comment below on the blog and let us know you voted.

If one of the entries was yours let us know that too in the comments! 

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*Finalists were selected from over 700 submissions. Michelle and I picked the ones that stood out to us the most and made us go “that is cute”, “what a great idea”, “oh I love that”, “that is interesting”, and made us click and zoom in. Every one of the 700 submissions was amazing, and it was so hard to choose the top 15. There was no expectation that the submissions be original work. We have no idea if another crafter had done these, or if the projects were inspired by another crafter. We simply picked what stood out to us. You may have liked others that didn’t make the top 15, and that is ok. This was just for fun. There is no way we could go through over 700 submissions and verify whether or not another person had also done it. The point of the contest was for the people submitting to share their favorite Fall DIY that they had done, and we simply picked.

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  1. Wow they all look amazing it was so hard to pick you ladies did a great job!!!! You all have such wonderful talent!!!🧡

  2. I love them all, everyone did a fantastic job. I voted for scarecrow with sunflowers because I love sunflowers, but this was hard. They all are so good.

  3. I’m not understanding I can’t find the submit button after you vote. I feel like maybe I didn’t understand what she meant when she said be sure to hit submit.. Help!!!😄

  4. #8 Dandelion Pickin…

    They are are so good but I choose #8!

    Good Luck Everyone and Thank You for Participating! I could have choose more than 1 because we have a “talented group of Crafters!”

  5. Loved looking at these 15 ( thanks ladies for new ideas!). Amber can you post the other 800 plus for us just to look at😂

  6. It was so hard to vote. They are all deserving! Somehow I made a choice. I think the top 15 should be in the hot seat and tell us how they did these great crafts.

    1. I love them all they all have so much cuteness it is really hard to reside on just one so I put them in a bowl and had my grandson pick one. He pulled out ( Entry 14 Robin Macgregor .😍

    1. I loved the wagon with the flowers. It was not as common as the other things entered, and the arrangement looked great!

  7. I wanted to show one of mine, but didn’t get it in. But that’s okay, Love getting to see all these Awesome Crafters. So much Talent, I Voted

    1. If these were the top 15 you must of had a very hard time picking them. They are all wonderful and I only had to pick 1. Great job to all that entered!!!

  8. I voted..and it is hard to pick when you can only vote for one because they are all lovely and well done, a lot of very different ideas, just wish we could pick more.