“How to Make an Easy DIY Layered Messy Bow!”

I had such a great time making some Valentine’s Day decor but this week I am going to take my HOTMESS Bow Up a notch! We are going to learn HOW TO MAKE AN EASY DIY LAYERED MESSY BOW! Let me tell you again, I am absolutely not a bow maker at all! BUT I have found that I totally enjoy making these bows! They are so easy and honestly you can not mess them up! PLUS, I am getting some experience with bow making even if they are super simply hot mess bows like these! Alright, let’s get started with this EASY DIY LAYERED MESSY BOW!

Can I just start by saying that I have always been a bit of an interior decorating lover! I have always done “my style” and it has never really been the “TRENDY” looks you see in magazines! I have always been a COLOR girl! But, after much talk and discussion about the future of our home plans one our youngest graduates high school my husband and I decided now is the time to start the projects! (We are 4 years away from our youngest graduating high school! YOU GUYS!!! We are so close!

Don’t get me wrong I love my kids but I will be so excited to start our next adventures in life as our grown children begin theirs! We never planned to stay in our home longterm, it is a long story that I will share one day in a post but long story short it was perfect for us at the time when we purchased it! Now that we are planning ahead I have been crafting my heart out re-decorating my home! Re-decorating an entire house can be expensive, so I am doing it all myself and MAKING most all of the things in our home! AND I AM QUITE ALRIGHT WITH THAT!

Sometimes it’s just more fun to make it yourself!

Easy DIY Layered Messy Bow Supplies   DIY Messy Bow Spring Version


In this post we are going to make a “Easy DIY Layered Messy Bow!”

I’ve attached the FAST HOW TO video for you to watch! By the way, if you love all things creative I do regular LIVE video’s on my facebook page and I would love for you to come be apart of my community! We always have a great time, and there are never any expectations, everyone is welcome! You can find me on Facebook just go here! AND I do have a free creative group too on Facebook called On A Budget Crafts you should join in! I welcome everyone to share their creations there!

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For this Easy DIY LAYERED MESSY BOW project I used these items:

You can check your local dollar tree, hobby lobby, Walmart, Michael’s, JoAnn’s or any other store that has ribbon! You can make this with whatever colors, textures and fabric you like! (these are my affiliate links, if you you use them I may earn a commission, it does not cost you extra) (thanks for supporting me)

For this project I was making a spring EASY DIY LAYERED MESSY BOW for an upcoming project (a cute door hanger for spring you can view that post here!) So I wanted to add some pink to the mix! I had NO PINK RIBBON or FABRIC, so I went to my closet! I used to be a full time furniture painter (You can check out this post for a fun how to paint furniture) and one thing that I knew is that I had some old shirts in my closet with paint on them that might be pink that I could cut up! I ran to my closet and found the perfect shirt! The front was covered in paint but I used the back fabric for this EASY DIY LAYERED MESSY BOW!

Here are the steps I took to make it!

I started by cutting the fabric and ribbon into 6-8 inch sections randomly! I used my rotary cutter to quickly do this! Then I began layering the pieces in an X pattern and kept stacking them over and over, for this I wanted a thick fluffy layered messy bow! once the layering was done with the strips I decided to do something different by adding another layered bow on top! I used 2 pieces of fabric one was 5 inches, the other was 4 inches. I simply folded each end in half way and glued them, then I glued the center in a pinch look. I did this again for the next piece, I then added a buffalo check print ribbon to the front but you can use the same ribbon as the cover if you like, it is up to you! Once that bow was done I glued that bow on top of the messy bow for a EASY DIY LAYERED MESSY BOW LOOK! So easy! RIGHT!

I had some decor nearby so I picked it up and shared how you can use this EASY DIY LAYERED MESSY BOW! I still refer to it as my HOT MESS LAYERED MESSY BOW! Because I swear that I am just a hotmess when it comes to any sort of bow creation! But I will say I am getting better! By day I am actually a business coach, so I do not get much creative practice in my day until the evening time! (if you are in need of business coaching you can check my portfolio out here) I can not wait to see what you make and hear how your bow making adventures go, you should leave me a comment below and let me know if you have made one before, if you plan to make one and if this post inspired you! I can’t wait to read what you write!

 I must give a huge shout out to my fellow business buddy and friend! My girl Melanie is amazing at the messy bow! She was def my inspiration! Be sure to check her out on her site Southern Crush at Home and have a look at her “messy bow“! (the great part about creativity is we all have our own styles and that is the best part of inspiration) I just had to give her some love and support for her creativity and the joy she brings!

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