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I get asked all the time how to find my past DIY videos! My DIY Video Tutorial Vault is the answer! Here’s the thing – I do most of my DIY’s on Facebook LIVE! I have started recording them on my computer so that I can upload the quicker versions that some people like! I’ve learned that some people love the LIVE experience and others just want to get right to it!

I also know that people are always searching Pinterest for DIY Decor Tutorials, DIY Craft Ideas, and DIY and Dollar Store Tutorials! Hopefully, my DIY Video Tutorial Vault helps you with that!

Because Facebook can be hard to navigate, I decided to organize all the videos right here in this DIY Video Tutorial Vault! It might help you to find exactly the right video of a previous DIY that I have done, and there is a TON OF THEM! Some of them do have a special blog post as well, and if there is a blog post connected to the DIY I will include that information as well!

Remember, some of these DIY’s may only be found and watched inside the private community I created called the Creative Haven VIP community! It is a private crafting, DIY, and a creative community filled with hundreds of other creatives! Gain access to the supply list in advance, a full schedule, monthly celebrity crafters, VIP experience where you can ask your questions and a safe community to hang out, chat, show off your creations, and have fun! You can join us inside the Creative Haven VIP here! 

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Americana Patriotic Flag with Dollar Tree items DIY WATCH HERE!
Americana DIY Flag
DIY Scrap Wood Flower Box with Popsicle Sticks and Lace Flower WATCH HERE
DIY Flower Box with Popsicle Sticks


Cereal Box Birdhouse Craft Decor DIY WATCH HERE
DIY Mixed Media with a Dollar Tree Tag WATCH HERE
MIxed Media with Dollar Tree Tag
Cardboard High-End Decor with Paint Sticks DIY WATCH HERE
cardboard and paint stick diy
DIY Dollar Tree Butter Dish SO cute! WATCH HERE!
dollar tree butter dish diy
Farmhouse Gather with Chicken wire DIY WATCH HERE!
farmhouse gather chicken wire diy
DIY Double sided sign with toilet paper roll flowers WATCH HERE
diy double sided sign toilet paper roll flowers
Hot Mess Layered Messy bow DIY WATCH HERE
diy hot mess layered messy bow
DIY Double-sided beehive basket with tassels WATCH HERE
double sided diy beehive
Dollar Tree Card Catalog with Jenga Blocks DIY WATCH HERE!
DIY Chippy Home with Scrabble Letters WATCH HERE!
Dollar Tree DIY Magnetic Farmhouse Decor WATCH HERE or on the Blog!
Dollar Tree Boho Farmhouse DIY WATCH IT HERE
Bath mat DIY pumpkin

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