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Cereal Box Birdhouse DIY

This Cereal Box Birdhouse DIY was a special project I made as a guest in one of my friend’s craft groups. In March 2020, I was asked by my good friend Melanie to be her very first Celebrity Crafter in her private group!

She asked me to make something with household items and use things that most crafters would have on hand! Let me explain. During this time we were all in quarantine due to the Covid-19 outbreak, so most people were unable to leave their homes.

I definitely had to think outside the box for this one, or did I? I got my wheels turning and thought, “hmmm, what could I make from things I have right here in my home?” My eyes were drawn to a cereal box sitting on the kitchen counter! That is it! We can do a cereal box craft!

Putting it together

I gathered my supplies and came up with this cute idea to make a Cereal Box Birdhouse Craft DIY! Maybe you have some of these supplies to make one yourself, and if you do you must show me your version!

I actually have a free Facebook group where all my creative friends share their awesome crafty creations! You can join in with us and show off yours! It is called On a Budget Crafts Facebook Group!

The supplies I used for this craft:

Cereal Box (Mine was a family size box)

Popsicle Sticks

Black Paint

White Paint (I used Waverly Paints, but you can use Apple Barrel ones too)


Spanish Moss

Sticks from my back yard

I also use my heat gun, glue gun, glue sticks, scissors, and paintbrushes too. And I do recommend you use a craft mat or craft paper to do this craft on.

You will start by cutting your cereal box or cardboard to the shape of a house, paint it white and black.

Then you will create your openings with something round. and I used my paintbrush to make the doorway. Paint them black, cut slits for the popsicle sticks, tie the raffia, then add your porch to your box.

I used sticks from my yard for the roof and I added a little Spanish moss to the porch. Easy peasy!

I really love how simple this project is and how you can make this with common household items!


My finished Cereal Box DIY Birdhouse

Turned out so cute, didn’t it? By the way, I made everything you see in this photo! I am a sucker for DIY decor, for sure, and I am definitely addicted to Dollar Tree DIYs. Basically my whole house is a DIY project, and it looks super high end too!

Do you have a DIY craft made from common household items that you LOVE? I’d love to see it! I have a free Facebook Group called “On a Budget Crafts” where people share their DIY projects. It’s easy and free to join!

If you loved this craft, make sure you pin it for later and share it with your friends! I’ll see you next time, #craftycrew!

XOXO – Amber

Pin this for later!

Pin this for later!

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