“Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor”

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor

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I have been wanting to make something totally different here recently and this Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor project seemed like a great idea! I found this laundry bag at the Dollar Tree a few months back and I knew I was going to think of a creative way to use it!

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Ok, seriously can we talk for just a second about how cute this actually did turn out! I love doing Dollar Tree DIY’s and this Farmhouse Home Decor project is one that anyone can make! It is so simple and I am going to walk you through all the steps and share with you what not to do in the process! I had a few things go crazy during the making of this Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor project!


If you are still here, or you came back to check out the rest of this post let me tell you what I used to make this Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor! Not everything came from the Dollar Tree! But a good bit of it actually did!

I’d love to know if you happen to make this I would love to see your photos! In fact I have a free group on facebook where you can share your creations and get inspired by others too, it is called On a Budget Crafts totally free to join!

Time to make this Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor!

Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor

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Alright! Let’s get right to it! (these are my affiliate links, if a purchase is made through one of my links I may earn a small commission but that does not cost you any extra)

The supplies I used:

To make a Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse HOME Decor

  1. Dollar Tree Home Sign or this one
  2. Dollar Tree Laundry Bag (Just 1) (you can try this one too)
  3. Dollar Tree Tumbling Tower blocks (I call them mini Jenga Blocks)
  4. Dollar Tree Square Beads like these
  5. White Paint (I used Waverly but you can use Folk Art or any paint)
  6. Brown paint (or stain) (again, I used Folk Art Java)
  7. Antique Wax I used waverly
  8. Darning Needle 
  9. Shabby Chic Napkins like this
  10. Popsicle Sticks small 
  11. Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint SILVER
  12. Modpodge
  13. Chip Brush
  14. glue gun, glue sticks!
  15. I also used baby wipes and my spray bottle too!

In my Youtube Video I guide you through step by step to making this simple and easy!


Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor

Here is the supply list photo to make this Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse HOME Decor

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Dollar Tree DIY Farmhouse Home Decor