Holy cow! DIY: Painted Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

This blog post is so over due, like a year over due! So let’s get right to the HOW TO PAINT YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS WITH CHALK PAINT!

Back in March of 2018 I decided after 4 years of being in our custom built home with the boring custom wood kitchen cabinets (actually, they are the standard ones for our custom home) it was so time to DIY our kitchen cabinets and give them a makeover! When we purchased our house, we always planned to paint the cabinets. Our builder thought we were crazy but he was like “hey, it’s your house”. Shortly after purchasing our home, my business took a huge shift! And the time required to DIY our kitchen was just not there! So 4 years went by! BORING Chocolate Brown Cabinets! (I know some of y’all are like WHY DID YOU PAINT THOSE, my response is paint is not permanent!)

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Finally, I had enough! I decided, it is time! So in early March of 2018 I planned the whole project. Quickly my plans went out of control, not only did I plan to paint our kitchen cabinets, I then added on to my list a backsplash and a fresh coat of paint through out the kitchen, dining, living room, entryway and hall! YEAH! Beware, projects can get out of hand QUICK! But hey, It was totally time for a fresh look in our home. So, I told the “HUBS” next weekend I want to finally paint our kitchen cabinets (and all the other things) per usual, he was like whatever you want to do. Happy wife, Happy Life right!

So I gave him the task of cleaning the cabinets with my go to cleaner Sprayway Glass Cleaner, Paper Towels and good old Clorox Wipes! And then taking off all the cabinet doors. Prior to the doors and drawers coming off I used some sticky tabs to label them on the inside so that I knew where they went when I was done with painting. EASY!

I’ve linked up all the supplies I used! You can find them by just clicking through ! (affiliate links also listed below!)


Once we got everything cleaned and prepped, GUESS WHAT! I got the flu! Yes, the flu! I was miserable but I forged onward! Nothing was going to stop me from FINALLY getting this project done! Not to mention my kitchen was already tore apart! Fun story, (well, not really) A few years ago, when we were renters, we painted our kitchen cabinets at our apartment. AND WOULD YOU KNOW…… FLU then too! What is it with me and the flu and kitchen projects! Between the fever relief, I painted! Is what it is! But I am a persistent person I guess! Nothing will stop me!

We have a 8 foot farmhouse table, and my husband got extra clever (yeah, he has good ideas sometimes too, SHHH) He got one of our twin fitted sheets and put it over our table to protect it. CLEVER RIGHT! That’s a free bonus lol! Note that we left the hinges on the cabinet doors so that I could prop the doors up on them when I painted. In the photo on the left the doors are upside down, I did flip the hinges then flip the doors over to paint. Note that our kitchen without doors looks like we have serious case of hoarding and zero organization. Be prepared for your kitchen to be a total disaster while you DIY your project. But that part is motivating I guess, sorta ensures you get the job done!

I DID NOT SAND, or PRIME! I never sand down or prime when I paint. I have been painting long enough to have “super tricks” so that I do not have to use extra product or time to sand or prime!

Below you will find the FAST FRAME TIMELAPSE Videos!

TIME TO PAINT! If you didn’t know, I HAD a successful brick and mortar store, and I was a proud premier retailer for Dixie Belle Paint Company. Regardless of my store closing, I am still a lover of DB Paint and all their products. So, for my kitchen, it was a no brainer. DIXIE BELLE IT IS! We went with the color Fluff!! I used 2 – 32 ounce containers that is $62 retail when purchased in my store. (online and in store prices will vary) I used 2 full 32 ounce containers for my kitchen. (your supply amount may vary based on your kitchen size)







As you can see in the photos one coat may not look the greatest, but keep going. As you go coat by coat the coverage will be fine. Some areas of my cabinets the paint did not want to stick evenly. Again, keep going. Leave it be. Let it dry then go on to coat number 2. For my cabinets I did apply 3 coats of paint.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! For the 1st coat, I used only paint. For coat 2 and 3 I used my fine mister spray bottle to lightly apply water to the paint to help eliminate brush strokes and to evenly thin the paint. To do this you simply lightly mist the cabinet, dip your brush in paint and then add a thin coat of paint over the cabinets. DO NOT SATURATE! Your goal is to keep the strokes to a minimum visibly!

I want to mention that around the floor and wall areas we did use the Frog Tape (green roll) to tape off floor.We also used the Frog Tape (green) around our counter top. So easy to get that clean line too. (btw, I love my tumbler you see in the photo I got it from Booth Conference a few months earlier, which by the way I will be a speaker at for the 2020 Booth Conference Summit learn more here if you are a booth biz or a maker you want to check this conference out) Get your ticket’s here!

Notice in the side photo of my cabinets that is 2 full coats. The coverage is amazing! What if it get’s streaky. I thought you might ask. Just keep going. The paint will even out coat by coat. But too much paint will lead to brush marks. Oh brushes, I forgot to share that. I used my Paint Pixie Brushes (#12, #8 and Wax Brush) too from Paint Pixie to apply the Waverly Wax sealer.


I know it seems intimidating but  honestly its not that bad. Remember, I did this entire project with my husband and I had the flu! (I used my step stool to get the upper cabinets and we would cycle through stages and allow to dry and loop back around. I took on the cabinet doors while the husband (Mark) painted to uppers and lowers. This allowed us to get the project done over the weekend. (We started Friday night around 7 pm and finished Sunday evening around 9 pm) We painted 3 coats, sanded smooth, sealed the paint with Waverly or Plaid Wax (Matte Finish), buffed and added the hardware back on. 2 and half days time! WITH THE FLU!

LISTEN FRIENDS, you got this! You can do this too!



Prepare yourself to have cabinet doors and drawers drying where ever you can find a place to put them. We had stuff literally drying everywhere. (btw, see those 2- 32 ounce containers) I am not lying when I tell you  we used 2 containers and that is it!

Alright now to see the finished look! (remember, I also painted my walls (the color is Shark Fin by Behr)  and added a backsplash, that blog post can be read here!

Once we re-attached the doors and put the drawers back in we did use 220 sand paper (sponge type) to sand the surfaces smooth. We dusted off with a simply dry large paint brush and we added 1 coat of Waverly Wax (matte finish) with a Paint Pixie Wax brush. We allowed to dry and we buffed with a t-shirt rag. Re-attached hardware and DONE!

I can not shout to the roof top much louder that I had the flu (hubs didn’t).

As you see this is the finished project. (we painted the kitchen one weekend and I did the wall color and back splash the next) It really was a huge project.

Totally worth it! We decided not to switch out our countertops. I was trying to do this whole project for under $300 which we did!

I hope this inspires you to take on your own kitchen or maybe your bathrooms.

Whether you are my business friend or a full creative DIY addict, Be inspired! Pass this on and be sure to pin it to your boards for future reference! 🙂 SCROLL DOWN FOR THE PRODUCTS I USED!

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BTW, I did record this process over 3 videos. Here are the FAST MODE versions. If you want to grab the full HOW TO VIDEOS all 3 in full length grab them here!

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Products used:

Dixie Belle Paint Color Fluff

Paint Pixie Brushes (#12, #8 and Wax Brush)

Waverly or Plaid Wax (Matte Finish)

Sticky Tabs 

3M 220 Sand paper Sponge

Tshirt rags

Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Clorox Wipes

Paper Towels

Frog Tape (green)

simply dry large paint brush

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