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Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments

Christmas Salt and Pepper Shakers DIY Ornaments

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas craft project? Then my Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments for Craftathon should light you up with joy!

I am going to be making these super cute DIY Christmas ornaments during The 2020 Christmas Craftathon™️ hosted by Melanie Ferguson of Southern Crush at Home

Watch the Salt & Pepper shaker ornament DIY Facebook LIVE replay HERE

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The Craftathon™️ is an amazing event that happens 4 times a year! If you want to learn more about it go over to the Craftathon™️ page and see if it’s something you’d be interested in attending. 

One thing I have learned throughout the years is that people love to know what to use and how to make it.

I love putting together the lists and instructions, but I absolutely love showing how I make stuff. I knew I wanted to make something for Christmas when I was asked to present at the 2020 Christmas Craftathon™️

Love to craft? Me, too!

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It was such an honor to be selected by my good friend Melanie to be a presenter in her 2020 Christmas Craftathon. 

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The Christmas Ornament

This Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments will be “the Christmas ornament” that your whole family can make. Especially, the kids!

This will make the perfect kids’ Christmas ornament craft. I have been making all my 2020 Christmas ornaments this year! In this post, I am going to show you how much fun it is to make “the Christmas ornament” of 2020.

I just might call it the magic Christmas ornament because once you hang it on your tree it will look so magical!

Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments

Christmas ideas for ornaments

I also made these DIY Home Depot Floor Sample Ornaments 

The supplies you will need for this craft:

Most of the items I will use are from Dollar Tree but I did include my amazon affiliate links for you. (I earn a small commission but it does not cost you any extra)

I hope you’ll join us at The Christmas Craftathon™️ hosted by Southern Crush at Home and make these Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments! They really are an easy Christmas Ornament DIY.

Christmas Salt and Pepper Shakers DIY Ornaments

Let’s make ornaments! 

To make these adorable DIY ornaments, you’re going to start by hot-gluing a Dollar Tree mini Christmas Tree to a Dollar Tree woodblock.

Next, hot glue the bottom of the woodblock to the inside bottom of the shaker. I had to use tweezers to drop the mini Christmas tree into the shaker and place it. 

Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments

Once your mini Christmas Trees are secured in place and the hot glue has dried, you’re going to pour the faux snow into the shakers.

I added enough to cover the woodblocks, but you can add more or less. If you’re making this DIY Christmas craft with your kids, this step can be a little messy! 

Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments

Time to decorate

I decorated each of the salt and pepper shakers differently. For one, I used black baker’s twine and for the other, I used red baker’s twine.

Cut a piece of each and thread them throught the holes in the lids of the shakers. These will be the ornaments’ hangers. 

For the ornament with red baker’s twine, I tore the strip of buffalo check fabric to give it frayed edges.

I wrapped a strip of Dollar Tree red buffalo check fabric around the top of the shaker, right below where the lid screws back on.

Tie it off like a scarf and hot glue some of the Christmas berries from the Christmas floral pick. 

Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments

If you don’t have the Dollar Tree red buffalo check fabric, you can substitute ribbon in its place. 

The second Christmas ornament

For the second salt and pepper shaker ornament, I used a black baker’s twine and made a small loop bow.

Instead of using the berries from the Christmas floral pick, I hot glued some of the leaves onto the top of the shaker just underneath where the lid screws on. 

Hot glue your baker’s twine loop bow on top of the Christmas floral pick leaves. 

Screw the caps onto both the shakers and you’re ready to hang these easy DIY Christmas ornaments on your tree! 

Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make these easy Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments as much as I have and decide to make them yourself! If you do, I would love to see how they turn out.

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Looking back at Fall Craftathon 2020

I was honored to also participate in the Fall 2020 Craftathon™️back in August, and I made an easy DIY Dollar Tree Topiary!

I have that DIY craft project here on my blog if you want to check it outDIY Dollar Tree Topiary for Fall Craftathon 2020

In that post, I give you the complete supply list, a link to the video from the Fall Craftathon 2020, and step-by-step instructions on how to make my DIY Dollar Tree Topiary.

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Christmas Salt and Pepper Shakers DIY Ornaments
Christmas Salt and Pepper Shaker DIY Ornaments

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