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Chalk Painted Hutch and China Cabinet Ideas

Painted by Amber Strong

Chalk Painted Hutch and China Cabinet Ideas

If you have noticed chalk painted furniture has been trending for years and years. I get asked all the time for examples, recommendations, or ideas about painted furniture. In particular, I am asked for Chalk Painted Hutch and China Cabinet Ideas or suggestions. I always say “GO LOOK ON PINTEREST”!

Pinterest is my go to for inspiration. There are thousands of images with examples of things I am looking for from other people who have done something that I might want to see ahead of time before I do it myself.

(Can I tell you that right now number 43 and 17 are one of my favorites!)


If you wanted to learn how to paint furniture you should check out one of my older blog posts. How to get a boho paint finish.

#1 Decorative scalloped top antique painted blue china cabinet

Painted by Cain Creations

This post is not going to show you how to paint furniture or even break down all the details, I have a ton of photos of painted furniture from when I had my brick and mortar store that I figured, why not share with others.

They are not inspiring a single person stored on my phone! So, I will be putting together several posts grouping together painted furniture ideas and examples. Plus maybe some of the ways I staged my store might inspire you too with the decorations.

#2 Olive Green China cabinet with drop down drawer

Painted by JRS at Home

I know my store had a very farmhouse-style feel but I encourage you to think outside the box. Just because it might be decorated in a shabby chic or farmhouse way does not mean that piece of furniture can not be used in a mid-century modern or rustic industrial home style.

#3 Mid Century Modern China cabinet painted black

Painted by Amber Strong

This post is basically like a photo album. I will adding details as I can remember it. Some of these pieces of furniture was painted by former vendors in my store. I will note that also. I want to clarify I did not paint all of the pieces of furniture that I am going to share with you.

Most of the furniture was painted using DIXIE BELLE, DIY Paint or paint we made ourselves.

#4 White French Provincial China Cabinet with black interior

*Furniture and Home Decor shown in this blog post are not available for purchase. All items have been sold and are not available.

#5 Custom built farmhouse hutch stained wood and paint white

In this post, I am sharing examples of the chalk-painted hutch, chalk-painted china cabinets, chalk painted furniture to inspire you for your dining room areas.


#6 Gorgeous China cabinet painted gray with white distressing

Painted by KJ’s Corner

Before you paint your own furniture please do research and become familiar with how to paint furniture and how to care for painted furniture.

#7 Stunning white open china cabinet with glass shelves painted white

Chalk Painted Hutch and China Cabinet Ideas and Inspiration for any style home. You can certainly decorate your home with any color you like and add whatever decorations you want to enhance the look you are going for. These are some chalk painted furniture ideas to inspire you.

#8 European style decorative china cabinet with tons of detail painted blue and distressed

#9 French provincial china cabinet painted white with antique wax distress

#10 Shabby chic open hutch with distressed shiplap

Hutch Painted by Amber Strong

#11 Country chic hutch painted white

#12 Large China cabinet painted with with glass shelves

#13 Small white farmhouse country style hutch

#14 Modern Farmhouse style hutch painted gray

#15 French country Mid-century Modern White hutch with wallpaper back

Painted by Designs By Mimi


#16 Large White arched china cabinet painted white

#17 Beautiful large white china cabinet with decorative doors

#18 Light blue distressed open farmhouse hutch with shutter doors

Painted By Amber Strong

#19 French provincial hutch painted white

Chalk Painted Hutch and China Cabinet Ideas to inspire your home decorating journey

#20 French Provincial tall china cabinet painted blue

#21 French Provincial Style china cabinet painted white

#22 French provincial china cabinet painted white with wood back

#23 Custom built open farmhouse hutch with barn doors

#24 French Provincial China cabinet painted white and distressed Farmhouse style

Painted by Amber Strong

#25 Open farmhouse country hutch painted green

#26 Farmhouse hutch painted gray with doors removed

#27 1980’s style hutch painted white and distressed

#28 Farmhouse hutch painted black with heavy distress

More Chalk Painted Hutch and China Cabinet Ideas

#28 Farmhouse hutch with glass doors painted white

#29 Farmhouse Hutch painted barn red

Painted By Amber Strong


#30 Open hutch painted white very farmhouse or Modern Farmhouse Style

#31 Farmhouse hutch painted white with chicken wire in the doors

#32 Distressed white farmhouse hutch with mirror in the middle

#33 Decorative shabby chic hutch painted white and distressed

Painted By Amber Strong

#34 White painted farmhouse hutch with glass doors and beadboard

Painted By Designs By Mimi

#35 Open farmhouse hutch with round top distressed shiplap

Painted By Designs By Mimi

#36 White open hutch with drawers distressed details and trim

#37 Open hutch painted green with distressed shutter doors

Painted By Amber Strong

#38 Tall French Provincial China Cabinet painted white

#39 Large white hutch with glass doors

#40 Country china cabinet painted black

#41 Farmhouse Hutch with shutter doors painted white

#42 White Open hutch with beadboard and cotton fabric

Painted By Amber Strong

#43 Gorgeous farmhouse hutch with stained top

#44 Large Farmhouse Hutch with open bottom

#45 Navy blue corner china cabinet

I hope that you found some inspiration, especially if you have an old china cabinet or hutch that’s in need of a major revamp or a simple makeover!

I would love to know which one was your favorite and If you have a painted hutch or china cabinet you would like me to add to this post send them to us! We would love to share even more ideas!

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Thanks for stopping by! XOXO Amber

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  1. First of all I absolutely love them all but my favorite is the one with the barn doors on bottom❤
    Also I want to paint my dining room table. Its currently just light or medium wood color. I want to chalk paint the bottom part white and table top a dark brown almost black. Do I need to sand the bottom part before I paint it???
    Thank you for all your time all the sharing you do !

  2. I love them all so much! Especially the farmhouse hutch painted barn red!! I literally gasped when I scrolled upon it! We are motor home living/traveling fir the next few years, but when I get a house again, I’m stealing some of your ideas!! ❤️

  3. Your reading my mind too! Just bought a hutch on marketplace it’s turquoise with distressed! Beautiful! And going to paint my old one black for my daughter in law! I don’t see a place to send picture or I would share my hutch.

  4. My favorite is the red one or #36. I’m looking for one now to store craft supplies in on Market Place.

  5. This post is sooo perfect for me! I spent the day looking for a China cabinet to paint! Antique stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army! You must be a mind reader!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!