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Beautiful Distressed Wall Decor

Beautiful Chippy Distressed Wall Decor

Chippy Distressed home decor

This project will be so neutral for pretty much any decor style because you can customize it to fit your home decor look and feel! We are going to make beautiful Distressed Wall Decor using items that we have used previously and you should have them in your craft stash! 

This project is an exclusive DIY for members of my private VIP group the Creative Haven, If you are not yet a member I hope you consider joining us!  You’ll learn how to make this beautiful Distressed Wall Decor from start to finish right inside the Creative Haven this week!  This will be a great budget-friendly home decor project anyone can make and it will be great for any room!

Beautiful Chippy Distressed Wall Decor

High-end DIY wall decor

I love making wall decor for my home most of all! Besides making practical and useful items for my homemaking the decorative things are one of my all-time favorite things. I could literally make DIY home decor all day long! This DIY Chicken Coop Decor with Dollar Tree Items happens to be one of my favorites right now!

Beautiful Chippy Distressed Wall Decor

Join the Creative Haven today!

Because this is a secret project only for Creative Haven members, I won’t be sharing the full tutorial publicly so if you want to make this with us you will need to become a member of the Creative Haven VIP.  But there are plenty of other DIY home decor projects on my blog like these lemon dishes that you can check out in the meantime.

You can not get everything at Dollar Tree!

As a DIY home decor maker, one of the things I learned early on is not to just shop the Dollar Tree! Honestly, It isn’t even practical! Only using items from one store has huge limitations. 

I do not spend a ton of money on my home decor-making supplies. I do not limit myself to a $1 per item budget! NO WAY!

So, stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns, and maybe even Walmart or Target can be a great place to shop for supplies! Plus remember to think outside the box and use items you would not normally think to use. 

Wall decor ideas for any room in your home.

This week’s CREATIVE HAVEN member’s only craft is Beautiful Chippy Distressed Wall Decor

This post may one day be public, but just in case it never does go public, and you want to get in on this creation and make it with me and my creative haven friends, you can get the full how-to tutorial and experience of the Beautiful Distressed Wall Decor inside the Creative Haven!

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May 10th 2021 Supply List for Beautiful Distressed Wall Decor


You will need: (items shown in the photo or any substitution you prefer) Don’t forget, you are not required to use the exact items! “As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

You can order in Bulk at Dollar Tree RIGHT HERE!

The supply list is a list of what will be used by me, but there are no specifications as to how much of the items you will need. This will be determined after the project has been completed. I can not tell you exactly what colors or how much we will use until the project is completed. I give you a list of what I am using. We will discuss in the Creative Haven other alternatives you can use! 

Please substitute where you can!

If it is not in your budget to purchase supplies, please get creative and think outside the box! Ask yourself, “What else could you use?” Furthermore, do you have things at home you can use? You can still craft with us! BUYING SUPPLIES FOR THE CRAFTS in the Creative Haven is not a requirement. I simply want you to craft with us and make it your own. 


All items suggested are simply that, a suggestion. If you can not use the items selected, please substitute where you can! In the Creative Haven, we craft together in a private group and share our DIY IDEAS. You gain access to bonus content and exclusive members-only content. This content is not available to the public for at least 30 days but there is no promise that the content will ever be made public that includes the video.

(Items linked are affiliate links. If a purchase is made through one of my links, I may earn a small commission, but that does not cost you any extra.)

Until next time happy crafting! XOXO Amber

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