Teen Boy Rustic Industrial Room Inspiration

Looking for teen boy room decor inspiration? I have you covered with my very first room inspiration mood board. Teen Boy Rustic Industrial Room Inspiration

Teenage room inspiration mood board

Maybe you are looking to redecorate your boy’s room, chances are your son might be growing up like mine is! This Teen Boy Rustic Industrial Room Inspiration will hopefully;y inspire you! In fact, my son Caden is in much need of a bedroom makeover.

So I put together this room inspiration mood board to help us visualize what his new bedroom will look like in our brand new home. Which by the way you can keep up with my home journey here. 

I DID include him in the planning phase of his new bedroom. He is pretty excited about the fresh new bedroom look.

You can shop this teenage boys bedroom inspiration post below.

Wall finish inspration

We are planning on doing board and batten on the walls. I am not sure if we will do halfway up the wall or a full wall and accent areas that are board and batten. 

I am also planning on adding peel and stick herringbone wallpaper to add a fun pattern to an accent wall, which I am pretty sure will be the wall where his bed will be.

Here is the wallpaper I am thinking of using. 

Modern and Industrial pipe shelving and ideas

I knew I wanted to add a metal and pipe element to Caden’s room, I plan on showcasing industrial pipe through his room with pipe shelving and a desk.

I am totally in love with this desk by the way! It is pretty affordable too! The wood and metal mix is just PERFECT! 

Caden fell in love with these nightstands and I am telling you they are pretty expensive but I am hopeful we can make them ourselves to save us some money!

Choosing the perfect bed

Right now at this moment, Caden’s bed is sitting on the floor with no bed! I know right! We have put off buying him a new bed until we actually move to our new home but again we are currently in the process of building. But we are definitely going to be getting him a nice bed. One of the reasons his bed is on the floor is because BOYS are ROWDY! Too many broken box springs and bed slats! (tell me you can relate)

But this is the bed I am pretty sure will be perfect for his room. We also plan on getting him a new mattress because he has never actually had his own brand new mattress.

Rugs and Wall Decor inspiration

I really love having a rug in a bedroom because it warms up the floor and the room! We will not have carpet in the downstairs of the new home we are building so I am certain that we will have lots of rugs throughout the home. 

I know what you might be thinking! We can totally make this wall decor! I know I am certainly going to be doing this myself and saving some money! 

No way can I afford this rattan wall decor set but I KNOW WE CAN MAKE IT! 

Lighting inspiration

For this Teen Boy Rustic Industrial Room Inspiration, I am going to be putting black lamps in Caden’s room. I really love the feel of the black along with the other rustic tones.

I won’t be spending an arm and a leg on his lamps but I will be doing silver with black shades at least!

Window treatments and window ideas for a boys room

In a teenage bedroom background, you might see windows and window treatments! For this bedroom, I am planning to use bamboo blinds. We have always had blinds in our home and I am ready for a change! 

I am really excited that we will also be adding black frame windows to our new home and I am telling you that I think they are beautiful and they are going to be perfect even for a boy’s room. 

Boys Bedding ideas!

Trying to find bedding for a boy is hard, especially when looking for bedding that doesn’t have characters on it. This bedding caught our eye and I thought it was the perfect masculine feel for a boy’s room or a teenage boy’s room! I hope you are in love with it too!


Plants and shelf sitters

I figured that plants would be a great base for starting when it comes to layering smaller filler decor. Here is one of the potted plants that I thought was perfect! 

Bedroom inspiration ideas

I didn’t feature all the things that are on the teenage boy’s bedroom mood board inspiration but at least you get the idea. This is not the full example of what Caden’s room will finally look like. HOWEVER, this is a huge inspiration for me to help me have a visual inspiration for our home build and visualizing each room when there is no room to actually look at. 

I hope you have loved this post and this new addition to the blog! I am adding several areas to the blog I am calling shop my style, mood, and room inspiration ideas. 

As soon as we start breaking ground and the building process begins on our home I will be sharing the entire build experience and the full spread of how I decorate my home on a budget! 

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Teen Boy Rustic Industrial Room Inspiration

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