The Crafty Crew Christmas Angel Program Application

The Crafty Crew Christmas Angel Program was created to help members of our #craftycrew community provide Christmas for the children in their household. We have previously donated to charities that are important to us, including The United Way, Stomp out Bullying, Gilliard and Company, Cheer Savannah, and Autism Speaks. However, this year we wanted to create a program that would allow us to directly help members of our community. 


In September, we hosted a 2-day auction through Facebook LIVE where we auctioned my DIY projects to raise money for this program, and all the money raised will be used to purchase Christmas gifts for children in our #craftycrew. We had so much fun during the auction and plan to do it again in the future. 

If you would like to watch the auction, you can see the replays on my Facebook page. 

Auction Day One Replay

Auction Day Two Replay

If you would like to contribute to the CCCAP, we are accepting donations to the Crafty Crew Christmas Angel Program. Donate now.

CCCAP Criteria. 

The CCCAP will provide Christmas presents for 100 children under the age of 18. Any household in the United States with at least one child under the age of 18 (maximum of 6 children) may apply to be selected. Of course, households will be randomly selected.  

Because we are not asking for proof of income or verification of eligibility, we ask that you be honest in your application. This program is intended to share some Christmas magic with children who otherwise would not have any presents under their tree on Christmas morning. Therefore, by completing the application under false pretenses, you are stealing from deserving children and families. 

Also, only one application per household is allowed, and the applicant MUST be a resident of the household applying. For example, you cannot apply for your grandchildren UNLESS they are residents in your household. Additionally, if you know someone who would benefit from this program, you may send them the link for them to complete the application themself. 


Any applications submitted after 11:59 P.M. November 30, 2020, will not be accepted.

Please ensure that all information you include is accurate. Consequently, we are not responsible for you providing incorrect or misspelled information. Submitting false information can be punishable by law. You are not allowed to disclose personal and private information for individuals who are not under your legal guardianship. By completing and submitting this form, you are confirming that you have sole permission to disclose private and personal information for individuals, including minors, included on this form. 

Releasing private and personal information for another individual without permission is a violation of The Privacy Act. 

The Maker’s Map and its associates and affiliates will not share, disclose or distribute your personal information without your sole approval and release. 

Email will be the primary method of contact. Provide an accurate email address that you check regularly because failure to respond to contact from us will result in your selection being revoked. 

There is no guarantee for selection and there is no cash value for gifts. 

Selected applicants must pick up or take possession of gifts from the vendor of our choice within 24 hours of your items being available for public pickup with the vendor. We are not responsible for mailing or delivering the items or transporting you to pick up or claim the items. 

You may not make any changes to the order placed and purchased by The Maker’s Map before, during, or after pick up. 

There is no promise or guarantee that you will receive any or all of the suggested or requested items if you are selected. All items are to be chosen by The Maker’s Map. 

There are no exchanges, trades, returns, or substitutions of gift items allowed. 

By submitting your application, you agree to not provide negative feedback or complaints as a participant in this program. 

The Crafty Crew Christmas Angel Program Application. 


Selection Process

If your household is selected, The Maker’s Map will choose and purchase items for each qualifying child listed on the selected household application at our discretion. Please do not email or message us with additional information, requests, or suggestions for your child. All requests made after form submission will not be considered and will be dismissed. 

Items that the Maker’s Map chooses and purchases for the children in the selected households will be set for pickup at the household’s local vendor. (Example: Walmart) The location will be disclosed to selected households only. You are required to have a valid photo ID in order to pick up your items. The applicant listed on the application will be the only individual authorized to pick up the gifts from the vendor. 

Selected applicants will be emailed after November 30th to inform them of the selection. All orders will be placed before Christmas Eve, but The Maker’s Map cannot be responsible for item availability or the arrival of the items for pick up from the vendor. 

Accepting Selection

Selected Applicants are required to respond to the selection email to confirm their selection within 7 days. Written acknowledgment of selection is required. If an applicant does not respond and confirm the selection within 7 days of the selection notice, the applicant’s selection will be revoked and given to another applicant.