Crafty Crate Wait List

The Crafty Crate WAIT LISTS!

The Crafty Crate ONE TIME or Monthly Subscription is a craft box that is mailed to you filled with goodies to craft with each month! (until you cancel) Or Just one time which is currently our WINTER BLACK FRIDAY CRAFTY CRATE!

Our first “crafty crate” box was a one time Christmas box! Our Second Box is the Black friday Winter Crafty Crate releasing November 26th 2021 at 8am EST

Q: How does this differ from the Creative Haven?

A: The Creative Haven is a monthly membership that is virtual and no supplies are mailed to you. Instead, you are given 4 supply lists for 4 different detailed and intense crafts that you can make with me weekly. The Creative Haven also includes all the printables I offer, bonus content, zoom meet ups, and exclusive member bonuses and exclusivity to a membership portal.

Beginning in January the Crafty Crate will be a once a month subscription service, you will be mailed 1 craft box with what is needed to make 1 main project and could include additional supplies to make 1-2 mini crafts. There will be at minimum 1 tutorial included with your box. You will have access to a private facebook support group for members of that months box.

Each box will be exclusive projects and will only be available once. That makes the box exclusive in itself.

Virtual Tickets will be available after Winter Crafty Crates are sold out, Virtual tickets are only available for the WINTER CRAFTY CRATES at this time.


OR TEXT ‘ CRATE ‘ to 912-875-8866

Hand prepared and packed just for you!

Each box is hand prepared, packed and all the items are sourced special for each box! Real people are preparing your crafty crate! We take great pride in bringing you the best experience you can have when you get your crafty crate!


Crafty Crate DETAILS:

Our very first crafty crate was a one time box our second one time box is the Winter Crafty Crate. Are excited to offer a monthly Crafty Crate subscription option starting in MID December of 2021 and your first box will arrive in January 2022. More details to come!

You can purchase CRAFTY CRATES HERE while supplies last!

The crafty crate monthly box will include shipping to the USA only. We are not offering shipping to outside the USA at this time.

The contents of your box will always be a surprise! Just like other craft boxes out there, you are ordering a surprise box. We will do a box reveal after each box has been shipped out. Once your box arrives, you can open it, inspect it and then wait for the scheduled “crafty crate night date that is noted in your box” You will wait to craft what is in the box until we all craft together.

QR codes are included on your inserts. You can simply open your camera and open up the sites linked through the QR Codes.


Shipping Information:

As we all know, the postal service can be unpredictable. We can not promise shipping times, however we will provide tracking for your box. We are not responsible for misspellings, incorrect addresses. There are no refunds, credits or exchanges for the Crafty Crate. We will not re-ship or replace boxes.

For the Crafty Crate Monthly: Your box will be shipped to you within 7- 10 days from the time you order the Crafty Crate Monthly Box. You will get your box in plenty of time to craft with us on “Crafty Crate Night”! We are allowing extra processing time since this is our first month offering the Crafty Crate via subscription.

Facebook Group:

You are responsible to join the private facebook group which is noted inside your box. You are responsible to show up for “Crafty Crate Night” and craft along with what is in your box if you choose. Replay will be available for those who order a box.

There may be, at a later date, a virtual option to get a supply list and tutorial but no box mailed to you. There is not promise this will be offered but we have been asked.

By joining the wait list you are not purchasing a box or added to the subscription. You are simply being asked to get notified when they are available.

Crafty Crates are not included with Creative Haven membership and they are an additional purchase, however we do offer a discount to the CH members to purchase the one-time box.

Box Value: The box price consideration is determined on a retail value as well as class perceived value which is how tutorials and workshops are priced. Shipping cost is also factored in that price. Box price is actually priced well below retail value.

Crafty Crates do not come with a membership to the Creative Haven either.