How to Make VALENTINE’S DAY DIY DECOR on a budget !

How to make Valentine’s Day DIY Decor on a Budget, Sounds awesome! Like a really good plan! Better yet, maybe you are like me and you are not much of a “Valentine’s Day” decorator and you rather not spend your money on it! But who can say no to Valentine’s Day decorating when you can create it on a budget! I mean like super cheap!

Let’s be honest, I am a “chronic creative”, beside’s my love for business coaching which is my full time gig (by the way you can learn more about that on this post) I also love to create stuff! The thing about creativity is that often times it can get out of hand! This is why I never did ALL the holiday decorating. It is just too expensive! So this year I decided to challenge myself to actually decorate for a few holiday’s and I decided to try to do it on the CHEAP! My first task was “Valentine’s Day DIY Decor” then it spilled over to a second project! It quickly got out of hand but it was so much fun and the thing is it wasn’t all that costly!

If you are new here, I have been collecting supplies and going on random “EXTREME SAVINGS” shopping trips because I am in the process of re-decorating a few rooms in my home! (Not to worry for you avid lover’s of diy projects and interior design hacks, I will share it here on the blog soon so get on my email list so you don’t miss those posts) While planning for my “re-decorating projects”, I made a promise to myself and my WALLET! My goal was to BUY EVERYTHING TO REDECORATE MY HOME EXTREMELY CHEAP and upcycle and re-do as much of it as I could myself!

To be honest, I am like every other American! We are on a budget!

So I visited all the CHEAP stores, like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar and I also rummaged around the higher ticket stores that I knew I could still get stuff cheap at! You know places like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s! I did not pay full price for anything that I purchased locally! In fact it was either 50 % off or more for me! That was my promise to myself! GET THIS STUFF DIRT CHEAP!  But before my shopping adventure began I started my “pinning obsession”! I mentioned this before, I have been a chronic PINNER since Pinterest was launched! You should totally follow me on Pinterest by the way, I swear I pin the best ever things! (Go ahead follow me) Anyways, I pinned all my decor ideas, then while my Pinterest scroll game was strong I came across some super cute ideas for Valentine’s Day! But thing is, I want to make my own creations! So while out on my shopping trips I decided to pick up some random super cheap Valentine’s day theme stuff that I could use for other seasons and projects! Anyone else do that too? Tell me below! I know I am not the only one! Plus, I figured what the heck! Why not!

Here is the thing, I didn’t plan to make a single Valentine’s Day project at all until I kept seeing it in my Pinterest feed! I was like “let me try my hand at this”! Back in December I thought I would give Chalk Couture a try! Y’all I will make a different post about that but I decided that Chalk Couture and their business model did not line up with me, my teaching as a business coach and I decided to part ways! (Love the products but I am not a fan of their business model at all) Anyways, Before I cut ties with them they sent me a VALENTINE’s DAY SILK SCREEN STENCIL! So I grabbed it out of the envelope and decided what the heck we are going to make something fun with it!



I’ve attached the full length video for you to watch (it was a LIVE video) but I also have a quick version too, if you are not much for the LIVE video experience! By the way, I tried my hand at my first MESSY BOW that we all now call the “hotmess bow”! For my first time it turned out to be the perfect touch!

For this Valentine’s Day DIY Decor project I used these items:
You can check your local dollar tree, hobby lobby and Michael’s for these items but here are my alternatives too. (these are my affiliate links, if you you use them I may earn a commission, it does not cost you extra) (thanks for supporting me)

Even though I used the things I found locally in my area you can totally create your own version with your own supplies! Again the list I shared were alternatives to what I used all of the recommendations were the cheapest I could find too! I prefer to use what I have on hand honestly! You can and should get creative! I kinda got carried away with the project! I didn’t realize how much I would love making holiday decor! But it really was a blast!

There are no real clear instructions other than to watch the video and listen to the conversation I was having! Me and my followers on my facebook page were just throwing out ideas! It is so much fun making these things with my people! It really is true that creativity is therapy! And the best part is it just brings people together! Which is the very best!

BY THE WAY! My girl Melanie is amazing at the messy bow! She was def my inspiration! Be sure to check her out and have a look at her “messy bow“! (the great part about creativity is we all have our own styles and that is the best part of inspiration) I just had to give her some love and a big thank you for helping me make this project much easier than I expected!

Here are some of the photos of the items I used for this Valentine’s Day DIY Decor project!

I encourage you to sit down and make what you want! But here is the quick run down if you want to make your own project like this one!

I cut my canvas fabric, to the size i wanted! I applied my stencil! My popsicle sticks were not enough to go across so I used my floral cutters to cut them in to different sizes! Next I laid out my canvas and hot glue my popsicle sticks to the front on top and bottom, I did have to overlap which was fine. Next I added my popsicle stick supports to the back. We made our “HOTMESS BOW” and added a cute button to the front to cover the zip tie! I felt the bottom needed something so we used our ribbon and a few buttons. Last we glued on our jute rope for the hanger! The project was complete! and I LOVE IT! My mom absolutely loved this project so I gave it to her to use in her home! (I ended up putting a different Valentine’s day Decor project on my front door, YOU CAN CHECK THAT OUT ON THIS POST! (coming soon)

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