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Courses and Memberships for Entrepreneurs

My name is Amber Strong! I am your business coach and mentor here at The Maker’s Map University! I have been a business owner for the better part of a decade and a business coach for 2 years. My heart and soul is for teaching and helping business owners and entrepreneurs start ir grow a business, make a bigger impact, scale their business and make more money!
Whether you are just starting or a seasoned business owner I have a variety of both free and paid courses and my coaching membership was all created to serve you! Through all my years as an entrepreneur myself, I have found that business ownership at any stage of your journey has ups and downs, and has good days and bad! But the thing I know first hand is the more you know the more you grow! But wait, that doesn’t mean you need to know all the things all at once! Honestly, you never will know all the things! But I created a course collection to help you through your entrepreneurship journey! 
Be sure to take advantage of some of my free resources too! I look forward to working with you!

I teach entrepreneurs how to grow their audience, their footprint and skyrocket their business!


*I will be honest, some of these courses, tools and resources contain my affiliate links. SO I might earn a tiny kickback if you use my link. By you using any of my links, it will not cost you anything extra, intact most of my links include special savings just for my audience. This page contains affiliate links. And while we do get a small commission when you purchase through one of these links, it doesn’t cost you anything additional to use that link.