Last week on my facebook page I shared the latest things happening in FACEBOOK! This year we have seen the most updates, algorithm changes and a whole new look to facebook as a whole! I know as content creators and business owners these changes are nothing we want to jump for joy over! This is why I took all the updates that were released in August 2019 and broke them down for you! I posted a video and I have a pdf you can grab too!

But the worst part is, along with this plethora of changes there are more coming before the end of 2019! Can you imagine if all the things were released at once? How would we possibly be able to process and keep up! The thing is I get that YOU and I both are tired of the changes and updates. Do we just quit? Quit facebook? No, I personally do not believe we should just stop using it! Maybe you don’t want to use it for personal use and that is fine. Maybe you are that over the stuff! I am there with you! BUT, and this is a huge BUT! (i know your laughing) But seriously, Facebook has 2.6 billion users on its platform daily! DAILY! People can I tell you that there are more people using Facebook and all the other platforms than there are those looking up at a billboard, or picking up the news paper, watching commercials and so on! Socials is your best free tool to market your business! But with free tools comes catches! Yeah! I always say it. Free isn’t free!

So that is why as a business coach myself I strive to bring the latest updates, strategies and conversations to help you in your business! It is a total honor to be able to coach and mentor my tribe! I am honored that they trust me with their businesses! I hope you discover me through my blog and my socials and that I can help invest in your dream! Yeah! Your dream!

Alright so in my video over on Facebook, you can catch it here if you just landed here on my blog! GO WATCH IT HERE! I promised my notes to all my business friends there! Plus you can grab them too!

I know that it is frustrating but hear me when I say, discoverability is the key to your business. Knowing how to do the things, how to market effectively, networking and creating a business funnel and keeping your posts and content in the feed is key! (this goes along with your product, your message, your why and your authenticity) It all goes together!

If you want to grab those notes from my live video free coaching you just watched just click here and they will be yours!

And don’t forget my private coaching group is open! You can join us inside for weekly quick action training, visual how to coaching and a community that is a serious powerhouse! I love the women in my coaching group and I am so proud of them! I hope that you decide to join us too! GO HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

OH! If you are super curious about what it looks like to start a business, to expand your influence I put together this super awesome freebie just for you! It is my FREE STARTER KIT! You can snag it here!




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