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If you are looking for help getting started painting look no further. I have filmed almost 150 live videos over on my facebook page that you can use to help you get started with your projects. These video’s are on replay, they were recorded LIVE, I would paint with my followers who were watching from all over the United States as well as other countries (I know how cool is that)! Remember anytime you watch a replay you can still comment and ask questions and I will see it and I will answer. I love teaching and painting. I hope you tune in sometime to watch!

Crafting And DIY 

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I’m all about sharing deals, savings, and super cute things with all my creative friends! I am often asked about my go to decor, my favorite things, paint supplies and all things creative. So I created a hub right here where you can shop with me just a few of my favorite things. You can also shop my Amazon Influencer Store as well.

I also love all things Do it yourself. 

Once you get all your supplies don’t forget to pop over and watch some of my video’s and tutorials I have over on facebook. I pop on Facebook LIVE OFTEN, you can join in with others who watch from all over.
My tribe is your tribe and I would love for you to join. #dreamchasers and #legacyleaders!

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