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Meet Amber! 

DIY Blogger and Influencer

Topics I totally love to discuss:

  • I love to teach people how to DIY and Make things on a budget! I am available to present or be a guest showcasing in a DIY setting.

  • How to work from home while raising a family
  • How to build a huge, engaged loyal audience online
  • How to be a brick and mortar store owner
  • How to stand out in a saturated market
  • How to become more discoverable
  • How to shift from hobby to ceo in your business
  • How to discover your innder confidence that you didnt know was there
  • How to lean in to your absolute GOD GIVEN talents and skills
  • How to set up passive revenue streams in your business
  • How to understand why marketing is the most important part of business
  • Knowing the difference in charging your worth and knowing your MARKET PRICES
  • Discussions on understanding that excuses and fear keep you small
  • Progress is better than perfection!
  • Empowering women to believe they can dream big and not apologize for success!

I would be happy to appear at your event as a break out speaker or key note. I am also available for online summit conferences. If you would like to reach out to book Amber at your next conference or event email us to info@themakersmap.com