WOW! It is my first week in my new full-time role in my business!

In my last blog post I opened up and invited you inside my heart and I shared some inside thoughts. I talked a little about when it’s time to pivot, when it is time for a change. I felt so vulnerable but I needed to open up and share my whole heart! But this week I want to talk to you about the sometimes scary side of starting out!

I realize that so many of my followers over on my social pages, and inside my facebook groups are eager to start a business or just tinker with the idea. I know where you are if that is you! Starting something new is one thing, but starting something new and it’s a business idea… Oh yeah! I get that totally! So let’s talk about it!

You know, it still surprises me, Friends! Throughout many years of owning my brick and mortar store and growing my coaching business—The Maker’s Map I’ve had the privilege of not only inspiring my local customers but also teaching hundreds of thousands of female entrepreneurs how to start (and grow) their own businesses.. YES! I can not believe I can actually say that! Pretty amazing knowing I had.a small part in those big things!

I leaned into this more to inspire others so they can live a life of complete and total FREEDOM..

But it still surprises me that 9 times out of 10.. The women who are struggling to hit their Freedom Metric (their dream revenue number)..

Are making the SAME few mistakes.

I recognize them immediately because they’re the same 3 mistakes I made when I was first starting out. Yes, I too made mistakes!

This is why I’m posting this today, Friend. Because if you’re not currently making actionable progress in your business in a way that FEELS GOOD.. or MOVING YOU TOWARDS THOSE GOALS then it’s time to evaluate what is going wrong!

More than likely, it’s because you’re committing one of these all‐too‐common mistakes.

Here’s the good news: I’m going to tell you exactly WHAT they are, and what to do INSTEAD!

Let’s dive into it!

Mistake #1 – Discoverability

This is something I see everyday! Women in business struggling to gain exposure, gain more customers, make more sales. It all leads back to being discovered in your niche! You must map out the strategies to discoverability! First step, talk about your business! Not in a slimy way but in an organic way. Get your links out there as well as your product. Then show up consistently! In order for growth to happen people must be able to find and discover you!

Mistake #2 – Holding on to a fear of human to human conversations

Your market is CRAVING a connection with you. If you are so fearful of putting yourself out there only to be rejected or the fear of the unknown then listen, you are bound to stay super small! Standing out and showing up is one of the main things that will draw your audience TO YOU! Trust me on this! You might not be an overnight hit, but you will attract the right audience through simply showing up and the ball will begin to roll in your business.

Remember: They want to buy from a human being they know can help them—not with random pages on the internet.

Mistake #3 – Selling the WRONG Thing to The WRONG Person

Think about it like this.. are you selling the right product or service? or the wrong one? Often times those who want to start a business jump in to something that they have not researched and established the audience or market for. Then they wonder why they are struggling! I have a whole Facebook Live Session coming at you this week about this topic so be sure to follow along on my facebook page

You must know that you are in the right business for you and your audience. Not all business ideas are good ideas. Inside my free masterclass I help you dive in to this very thing. If you have not taken the free masterclass you definitely want to start there.

So, if you honestly want to start a business I recommend that you focus on overcoming these 3 things. (there are others but these 3 are typically the big 3)

So before you start, Do you see yourself making or thinking on any of these mistakes?

I’ve been there, Friend. I struggled in at least 2 of these areas! BIG TIME!

And that means I get it! I get the starting, the middle and the top. 🙂 And I want to help you!

In my monthly coaching group I dive deep in to the things that will help you not only start but operate a successful business.

And I want YOU to be there! 

I believe that investing in your business is crucial, but making the decision to do it from the start is absolutely one of the key’s that will ensure that you move your business out the gate with the best knowledge and tools from the start!

Maybe you are making these 3 mistakes and you have been at the business game for years, it isn’t too late for you! I mean that!

So, I hope you’ll join us so I can show you how to set your business up for stellar success and help you go from #hobbytoceo

My Insider’s Club 2.0 Coaching group starts soon and I want to see you on the inside with me! You can get all the details right here.

I will be back here next week for another super business savvy blog post!