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We are back for another episode this week! After last week’s break during my course launch I just couldn’t wait to get back at this with a new episode! Can I be honest? This was recorded weeks ago! I have not screened this episode to refresh my memory but I know that it is a good one! If I am correct I talked about the free masterclass in this episode and the course. WHICH HAS ENDED! I should have released this last week but here we are! NO PROBLEM THOUGH, you can still get in! If you need a little nudge to hold you over until my course re-opens later this year, GET IN THE MASTERCLASS! 

  1. Let’s recap! I gave you some homework! LEAVE NO CARDS ON THE TABLE!
  2. Someone needs what you have!
  3. Why are you playing small?
  4. Leave no regrets!

Seriously I mean everything in this week’s episode! Are you willing to wonder??? I know I just wasn’t and I am sure that now you might not be willing to wonder either! If you are taking the step to start or take charge of your business seriously leave us a comment to this post. I want to hear from you! Better yet leave us a review and communicate there!

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