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As a business owner we all have button pushers! On today’s episode I shared my top button pushers and yours might be different.

On todays episode those button pusher topics were:

  1. Lack of Time- Hire out, have someone do the non-essentials (the things you are not required to do), cut out time your wasting making excuses as to how to avoid doing the hard scary thing. Download this takeaway here. And then try to free up blocks of time where you can!  Reach out to someone at Fiverr or Upwork.
  2. Lack of Content- Idea dump, ask your audience, go back to your notes. Create a content calendar! Get rid of the I’m not qualified mentality!
  3. Lack of Sales- Market, Market, Market! Product availability! Are you discoverable? Focus on where the money is actually coming from. Eliminate the spinning plates!
  4. Inner Discouragement- Fear is big! You must move forward through the fear of everything! YOU have to stop waiting for things to be perfect, for you to know all the things. Don’t Give up! Just step out!

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