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On this episode I talked about the 16 things that make up my Business Blueprint!

Just a quick recap of what I shared:

  1. Identify your business idea
  2. Ask yourself, “Am I willing to put in the work required?”
  3. Determine your ideal customer base (potential buyers)
  4. Evaluate the competition (Is there a clear need?)
  5. Decide to be you and be you through your brand- not someone else’s
  6. Decide a name
  7. Create a logo and a website (99 Designs has a whole team of designers to help you create your logo, website and any design needs!)
  8. Establish a presence (social medias)
  9. Figure out licensing requirements (Tax ID-State, EIN, Formation from your State) (certificate of occupancy- city/county)
  10. Banking – Keep your finances separate
  11. Build, Manage and Maintain a service or product to be available for your cutomers
  12. Research – Continue education
  13. Show up and GO!
  14. Stay with it
  15. Treat your new business like what it is – a business
  16. Make a list of all the behind the scenes tasks of owning your business
    • product ( + buying and creativity)
    • posting (photography)
    • digital product creations
    • website management (I’ve used HostGator, and guess what! They have no start up fees for any of their plans!)
    • finances
    • ordering
    • paperwork
    • merchandising
    • organizing
    • research & development

There are a lot of things that go into a business ownership, but the main thing that I continue to be told is, “I never thought that owning a business was so deep.”

Business ownership runs deep, but remember, this is your thing. Your baby. You set the foundation, momentum & outcome for your business.

I have some free resources for you on my website. I’d love for you to check them out and start adding to your business tool bag!

In the next few weeks I will be offering a free pop up master class all about helping you lift off your idea and help you put your business in motion. If you want to know when it starts, click here and get on the wait list! Stay tuned for my Signature Course Business Next Level a 6 week course. Full framework to take your business to the next level!

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